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OCMA Winter PD - February 29th

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Supporting Pathways for Students with
College and School Board Partnerships

How often do professors, coordinators, and administrators at your college talk to high school colleagues about math or numeracy? The OCMA hopes that the partnership highlighted in this PD session will inspire similar discussions between your college and local school boards.

Robb Caporicci and Leeat Cribbs will share the planned five-year pathway plan for Mathematics in the Thames Valley District School Board, which covers Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties, as well as the City of London. Specifically, the presentation will focus on the Grades 9 and 10 math recommended pathways, which help to ensure students are prepared for all post-secondary opportunities after leaving high school.

In addition, Krista Vogt will be joining the presentation to talk about Fanshawe College's ongoing partnership with the board. Krista will share the potential changes Fanshawe expects to make to admission requirements over the next five years.

Joshua Emmanuel

ROBB CAPORICCI, Thames Valley District School Board

Robb Caporicci is the Learning Coordinator for Curriculum Implementation: De-streaming with the Thames Valley District School Board and previously the Secondary Math Learning Coordinator within TVDSB. The focus of Robb's work over the past few years has been around building teacher capacity through the use of high impact instructional and assessment practices to increase student success. Additionally, a major focus has been on supporting staff and students through the transition in pathways between both Grades 7-10 and from secondary to post-secondary. Robb works closely with both College & University partners to help continue to support staff and students in building a common understanding to support student success.

Robb will be joined by:
Leeat Cribbs, System Principal, Thames Valley District School Board
Krista Vogt, Admissions, Fanshawe College

The PD event will be held:
Thursday, February 29th
1 - 2:30 pm
via Zoom

There is no charge - all costs of this event are covered by OCMA.

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