Professional Development 2018


George Brown College

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Taras Gula of George Brown College and Miroslav Lovric of McMaster University invite you to a morning of sharing and learning about the teaching of numeracy.

We all have students in our classes that struggle with the mathematics we are teaching because of gaps in the fundamentals. What are the fundamentals that they are missing and how can they construct (or reconstruct) those building blocks quickly and independently before or during class time? Many of us have hunches and knowledge of what is missing and what is needed, but few of us have the time and resources to bring together the ideas on learning in general and learning mathematics in particular to help alleviate those frustrations. This workshop will combine short presentations, participant activities and interactions with colleagues and presenters. As well participants will have an opportunity to preview of our online learning instrument. Their SSHRC-funded Health Numeracy project aims to improve health numeracy in health care professionals, students, and ultimately in general population. To accomplish this, they are building conceptualization of health numeracy and developing learning content, which will be presented within an on-line learning instrument.

After lunch, Stephanie McKean of George Brown College will facilitate a discussion on what math anxiety is, how it affects your students and therefore your teaching, and what we can do about it. The session will be activity based and will leave you with plenty of resources you will be able to utilize in your classes the very next day!

Cost for day only attendance is expected to be $25 with options for overnight accommodations and extra meals. A reminder email with full details will be sent in the new year.

Early bird registration can be completed by clicking on this link. Final numbers will be needed by January 26 th to ensure we order enough food.

We know this will serve as a great kickoff to an amazing new year, and hope to see you there!

Questions can be directed to Corey Pyne at cpyne@stclaircollege.ca.


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