OCMA Professional Development (PD) Session

Sheridan College

Room H131

Davis Campus

7899 McLaughlin Rd,

Brampton, ON L6Y 5H9

Gamification is easier than you think

Shaun Iles, Professor of Sociology and Sustainability at Mohawk College

This presentation will explain how gamification is different from game based education, provide examples of how to utilize game elements in the digital classroom, and discuss some of the successes and shortfalls of gamification in Shaun’s classroom.

Shaun Iles teaches at Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario. Shaun is recognized as an expert in the gamification of education and has traveled around the world presenting on the effective use of digital tools in the classroom. He has led presentations at some of the largest education conferences in the world such as SXSWedu and Educause. He has won multiple international and domestic education awards including the 2014 Desire2EXCEL Innovation Award and the 2015 Pearson Cite Award for Excellence in Online Teaching. Most recently, Shaun has been nominated for the 2016 Ontario Premiers award and the 2017 STLHE Brightspace Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning.